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The Farming Protocol Built in the Metaverse

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The Farm Protocol with the best tools
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Meta Farm Verse Has Been Audited By Audit Tech Rate

About MetaFarm Verse


Meta Farm Verse is a farming protocol Built in the Metaverse. Built on the Binance Smart Chain Meta Farm Verse aims to Make Yield Farming, Staking, Creating NFT's and Building Launchpads Easy to do on the Metaverse an upcoming trend and technology Built on Blockchain tech and Cryptocurrencies.

$MEFV Founder


Martin Smith

Martin Holds a Master Certification In Computer Science and Software Engineering.

Started Blockchain Technology In 2011, He his an Experienced Blockchain Developer

With such experience he naturally helped in integrating farming into the Metaverse through Meta Farm Verse

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At Metafarm you get access to the highest Staking yields and best APR in the Metaverse.


You Can Easily Swap all Metaverse Coins In Our MetaVSwap


Build Launchpad

Build Launchpad For your Project On the Metaverse

NFT Marketplace

Create, Auction and Sell NFT's in the Metaverse.